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Welcome to the Pinnacol ServiceLink Help section. This page was designed to answer questions you may have while you are using the ServiceLink system. Please click on the links below for quick access to a topic you wish to learn more about, or you may view the entire document by scrolling down the page.
Pop-up Blockers
Pop-ups need to be allowed when using the ServiceLink system. Many of the applications have interactive forms and will not function properly if pop-ups are being blocked.
If your browser is set to block pop-ups, please contact your information technology department to enter into the browser pop-up manager as an allowed site, or call the Pinnacol Web Support Specialist at 1-866-823-5466 (toll free) or 303-361-4740 for technical support.
Web Page Caching
Web browsers, like Internet Explorer and Netscape, will store (cache) web pages in temporary internet files on your computer for quick retrieval. If the browser determines that the web page you want to go to is the same as the web page in cache on your computer, it will display the cached web page and not check the web server.
This can be a problem on any web site, including ServiceLink. Changes to the applications and information that was typed in previously may not be displayed on your computer if the cached web page is displayed.
When using ServiceLink, the preferred browser setting for cached pages is to always check the web server for the web page being requested. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact your information technology department or call the Pinnacol Web Support Specialist at 1-866-823-5466 (toll free) or 303-361-4740.
The auto-formatting feature applies to dates, phone numbers, fax numbers, and social security numbers. It is not available in the combination FEIN/SSN fields.
Information may be entered in these fields with a forward-slash ( / ), dash ( - ), or any other separating character. You may also enter in the numbers with no separating characters, and the system will format the field appropriately. The dates still need to be entered with a two digit month (mm), a two digit day (dd) and a four digit year (yyyy).
Images/Image Buttons
The applications within the ServiceLink system use images and image buttons for varying functions. The images shown below are used in ServiceLink and a brief description of what they do is included.
  Return to the ServiceLink homepage.
  Help information for that specific application.
  Information for the application.
  Information for that specific area or item within the application.
  Print the current window content.
  Lookup/Search - interactive forms used for lookups, searches, and editing records.
  Delete the current record, normally used in mutli-record blocks.
Lookup/Search Forms
Many of the ServiceLink applications use the lookup/search button which, when clicked, will bring up an interactive form specific to that application and area. Listed below are some of the areas where the lookup/search forms are used.
Zip/City: based on the state selected on the form, a search screen is available that will list the cities and zip codes for that state. Searches can be done on the zip code, the name of the city, or even partial city searches (use the beginning letters of the city). The results will be displayed, and when a selection is made, the information will be copied into the application.
Multi-record areas: in several applications, there are multi-record blocks that show owners, classifications, subcontractors, and other information. Usually, all of the information that is available for that record is not displayed in the multi-record block. When the lookup/search button is clicked in these areas, all of the information for that record is displayed and, for the most part, can be changed or edited as needed.
Some applications will use the lookup/search button for a specific use in that area.
Browser Information
This site is best used with Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher.
Although ServiceLink is built primarily for use with Internet Explorer, other browsers are tested to ensure the web pages will work. Netscape Navigator, version 7.1 or higher, is supported, along with the newer versions of Mozilla and Firefox.
Please note that all browsers are different and may act or display items differently. This includes spacing, lines, list-of-values, and images.
Customer Support
If you are having problems with the system, or if you have any questions, please contact the Pinnacol Web Support Specialist at 1-866-823-5466 (toll free) or 303-361-4740.