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Search for participating pharmacies using Optum Online.  Search options include Address, City, County, State,
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Primary Care Providers for Designation Purpose: The individual who manages and directs the care of 
an injured worker. This includes oversight of prescriptions, treatment plans, work restrictions and referrals.
Specialists: Pinnacol Assurance contracts with a wide variety of specialist providers for continuity and quality 
of care such as Orthopedics, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Chiropractic.
MRI or CT Scan: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography are specialized imaging 
procedures for diagnostic purposes.
Durable Medical Equipment (DME):  Equipment that is primarily and customarily used to serve a 
medical purpose, can withstand repeated use, and is appropriate for use in the home.
Home Health Care (HHC):  Skilled healthcare services provided in your home. 
Hospital or Surgery Center: Hospitals provide 24-hour medical care and inpatient care.  Surgery 
Centers provide outpatient surgery services only.
Urgent Care: Providers who are available for after-hours care, but who are not Primary Care 
Providers for Designation Purposes. Follow up care must be with the Primary Care Provider.











Clinic / Provider Name: Search based on a specific clinic or provider name.



Level II Physicians: Physicians who are authorized to rate an injured worker's permanent physical impairment. Physicians must attend a Division of Workers' Compensation Level II course and pass a test to obtain this accreditation.



Physician First or Last Name: Search based on a Physician's First and/or Last Name



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